Following is a list of things to CONSIDER taking on a trip. Not everything is appropriate for every trip. You must take into account the weather, the activities in which you'll be involved, etc. Obviously, you will NOT take everything that is listed here.

I carry three items: Carryon, camera case and hip pack.

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    I use a carryon with wheels similar to the ones the flight crews use. I find that a carryon is sufficient on most trips. As I don't check my luggage, I don't worry about losing a bag and don't have to wait around for the luggage to be unloaded.

    Be aware airlines are enforcing the carryon regulations. So be sure your carryon is within 9 X 14 X 22 inches.

    Address labels or business cards
    Include Email address on cards and labels.
    2 sizes. For laundry that hasn't dried, damp face cloth, etc.
    Belts, Accessories (jewelry)
    Clock, alarm
    Carry half in carryon, half in partner's bag if traveling with someone. (And half his clothes in your bag.) If one of our bags is lost, we still have half our clothes. This should not happen if you have a carryon, but someone COULD take off with yours by mistake.
    You will have to compile your own list of cosmetics to take. This is quite personal. Don't forget purse-size hair spray.
    Ear Plugs
    Great for flying in small commuter planes - they are so noisy.
    Electric plug adaptors
    Different parts of the world use different plugs, so carry adaptors if you have any electric appliances with you.
    Feminine Protection
    Sometimes difficult to explain to someone in sign language exactly what it is you want. Also, these items may be different from what you are used to. So carry what you will need.
    I carry a small flashlight when I go to countries that might have erratic power or on safari. Also comes in handy during night if I have to get up and don't want to disturb traveling companion.
    Flight Bag
    This is a small, lightweight carryon that can be folded flat and takes practically no room when it is placed on the bottom of your bag. Tour groups often give them to their clients. Comes in very handy when you bring back more than you can place in your luggage.
    Quite often I take gifts to give to local people as well as to hosts if I am visiting someone. If going to a foreign country, take something that is typical of your own country.
    If necessary, cotton or heavy depending on destination.
    Hair Dryer
    With dual-voltage capability. Take only if there's doubt that one is available in the hotel. If you don't have one with dual-voltage, be sure you have a converter and the proper plugs for the countries you are visiting.
    A couple plastic hangers come in handy for drying clothing when no shower curtain rod, not enough hangers in hotel closet, etc.
    Insect repellant
    When going to an area that will be buggy.
    Laundry bag
    Carry a plastic laundry bag for soiled or worn clothing.
    Laundry Clips
    Have clips with hooks on end so can hang up hose to dry.
    Misc. items
    Needle, thread, safety pins, rubber bands, other related items.
    Take a yard or two of nylon netting if going to a place that is mosquito infested. It takes practically no room, and will be invaluable if it is necessary. Be sure the holes are small. I have used nylon tulle lately. I also have made protection for my head with this material, which covers my face, neck and head.
    Night clothes
    Plus robe and slippers, if necessary. Can use plastic raincoat in place of robe. Can always slip on shoes in place of slippers.
    Old clothes
    Any old clothes that you can wear on the trip but can leave along the way, to make additional room for bringing things back. Some travelers take nothing but old clothes and leave them all.
    Small one for times when I will not want to wear a hip pack. Actually, I have decided not to take a purse in the future. But I do take a purse-type backpack which I use quite often now.
    Plastic with hood. Better than umbrella, takes less space, and excellent as a windbreaker or robe.
    Shower Items
    Cap, shower sandals (flip-flops)
    Take an extra pair for walking
    Silk spray/anti-static spray
    In warm countries, I take nothing but silk clothing. It takes so little space, is more comfortable than man-made fabrics and dries quickly. And as silk clings, I need anti-static spray.
    Carry a small hotel-size bar to some areas of the world where the soap may be quite harsh.
    Steamer or Iron
    I prefer a steamer with dual-voltage switch as it's lighter in weight than an iron and easier to use.
    Sweater or light jacket
    Comes in handy where air-conditioners are turned very low.
    A simple solution for very cold areas. They take very little room but provide much warmth.
    Toilet Tissue
    Remove center core and press flat. Take very soft tissue and use in place of Kleenex.
    ToothBrush Cap
    A cap for over the brush takes much less room than conventional tooth brush holder.
    Towel and Face Cloth
    An extra towel is always handy. Use to squeeze moisture out of clothing after laundering. Clothes will dry faster. Some places give only provide one bath towel and you may need another for your hair. Take an old one that can be left at last stop. Most places don't supply face cloths.
    Travel data
    Don't forget maps, travel books. In place of carrying complete books, I tear out the pages I will need.
    Two sets plus what you are wearing should be enough. Insulated when necessary. If possible, carry nylon or silk. Dries overnight. Even make my husband wear silk underwear on trips for this reason.
    Wash'n Dri
    Moist disposable towelettes for cleaning hands before eating on plane. They come in handy other times, also.


    I wear a hip pack in place of carrying a purse. Have found that with just the three items and no purse, I can manage very well without any help. But I wear the hip pack under clothing: under coat, jacket or blouse and in front of my body, not over hip in back or side. When worn this way, I do not feel I need a money belt. If you women feel you have to carry a handbag, try the neat backpack types. They are much easier to handle on your back rather than a purse. Also, you can still carry it by the handle in your hand. (If you elect to wear a small backpack on your back, be sure to place valuables either on your person or in camera case.)
    • Comb
    • Credit cards
    • Frequent Flyer cards
    • Lipstick and lip balm
    • Medication
    • Mirror, small
    • Money
    • Passport
    • Pen
    • Scissors/knife (collapsible)
    • Tickets
    • Travelers Checks
    • Vouchers
    • Wallet (small for travel)


    The most important thing I carry on a trip is my camera. The additional items that I carry in my camera bag are so they will be handy when I need them, as I keep the camera bag at my feet, never in overhead bins.
    • Batteries
    • Book - paperback to read while flying
    • Camcorder
    • Charger and adaptor plugs
    • Ear plugs - for sleeping
    • Eye shades
    • Pillow - inflatable for long overnight flights
    • Tapes for camcorder


    Following are good items to have with you.
    • Clorox - plain clorox for purifying water (6 drops per quart is normally recommended)
    • First Aid Kit - contents depend on where you are traveling
    • Laundry soap - use shampoo instead if really pressed for space
    • Moleskin
    • Nail clippers
    • Sunscreen
    • Thermometer

    As I travel, I have to keep track of only three items: Carryon, Camera Bag, and Hip Pack. I wear or carry a coat or jacket and my watch.

    Naturally, I do not take every item listed here. I have them in a database on my computer and then check those I need for a particular trip and print out that list.

    Be sure you place your NAME and TELEPHONE NUMBER both INSIDE and OUTSIDE all your luggage. This is absolutely ESSENTIAL if you do not want to lose it forever.

    For more valuable hints on packing and travel, do read my TRAVEL TIPS


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