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                                         Based on my travels to all seven continents, here are suggestions on travel, packing, and photography - plus links to many informative sites.

 Bon Voyage! 

A list of items and clothing to CONSIDER taking on a trip. Do not take all of them.


As a former professional photographer, my suggestions for making superior photographs.

Important PERSONAL INFORMATION to help make your trip safer and more enjoyable.

Insurance, airport maps, foreign exchange, weather,  air travelers' handbook,  etc.

A narrative of my trip to Antarctica and a list of things to take when going way down under.

A gallery of pictures I have taken on my travels.

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, information on immunizations and precautions when traveling.


The U.S. State Department for official information on passports and visas.


The U.S. Customs page. Click on Traveler Information for all the information you will need.




In these days of heightened security when flying, I suggest you CLICK HERE to go to the Transportation Security Administration to see what items are prohibited.

And if you are carrying a laptop computer CHECK HERE for electrical plugs, adaptors, etc.

While passing through airport security checkpoints, keep your eyes on your equipment as much as possible. Stolen notebooks are another side effect of the post-9/11 airport security checks. A typical ploy is for one thief to jump ahead of you as you're about to pass through the metal detector and intentionally set off the alarm. In the confusion, an accomplice nabs your notebook.

Put colored paper, duct tape, or a sticker on your notebook. These days, travelers must remove notebooks from their bags and feed them into the X-ray machines at airport security checks. There have been reports around the country that this has caused some travelers to pick up the wrong notebook--which is why tagging your computer for easy identification makes sense.

To some interesting travel pages.

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